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Alpha Healthcare provides the skilled, caring medical staff to return you or your loved one to health and independence in the comfort of your home.  Home Health nurses, therapists and aides work with your physician to help you heal from an illness or injury and to prevent unnecessary hospitalization.  We can facilitate additional medical consultations with a physician or nurse practitioner via telehealth.  

Choose one of the items below to see some of the care we can provide:

Nursing, Therapy, Social Work and Aide services are provided in the comfort of your home when it would be too difficult for you to go out to receive medical care elsewhere.  Skilled and caring professionals come to your home to speed your recovery and prevent unnecessary hospitalizations.  

Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans generally cover 100% of these qualified services.

 Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses:

  • Monitor your condition and report to your physician
  • Manage Medications
  • Wound Care
  • Catheter and Ostomy Care
  • Injections and Lab samples
  • Make recommendations for additional services
  • Educate patients and caregivers on disease processes, medications, fall and injury prevention and much more.

Skilled Nursing Services are fully covered by the Medicare Home Health benefit.d

Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists and Speech Therapists:

  • Monitor your condition and report to your physician
  • Develop and carry out a rehabilitation plan to improve mobility and function
  • Develop and teach an exercise program to allow you to continue rehabilitation on your own
  • Develop and carry out a maintenance program to maintain current mobility and function once the rehabilitative therapy has been completed
  • Educate patient and caregivers on current function and limitations and give recommendations for how to best support the patient
  • Make recommendations and work with DME providers for obtaining a wheelchair or other assistive devices.

Therapy Rehabilitation Services are fully covered by the Medicare Home Health benefit.

Therapy Maintenance Program:

  • Some chronic conditions need ongoing management after Rehabilitative Therapy has ended. That’s where a MAINTENANCE PROGRAM comes in.  
  • Maintenance therapy programs are designed to maintain the current level of function rather than allow a natural decline in function and mobility due to a chronic condition.  A therapist will meet with the patient in their home on a regular schedule and will create an exercise plan.  
  • Some common conditions that benefit greatly from such a program are: MS, Post Stroke paralysis, traumatic injuries resulting in limited function and many others.  
  • A Therapy Maintenance Program allows greater confidence and independence and reduces falls, injuries and hospitalizations.

Therapy Maintenance Services are fully covered by the Medicare Home Health benefit.

Home Health Social Services may be requested by your physician to assist with counseling, providing community resource information or assisting with applications for additional government or community services.  Our Social Workers are also essential to assist individuals and families understand and prepare for hospice services when needed. 


SOCIAL SERVICES are fully covered by the Medicare Home Health benefit.


  • Assist with showers, bathing or bed baths 
  • Assist with personal grooming, dressing, nail care, etc
  • Change linens, light housekeeping 
  • Monitor vital signs and report to nurse
  • Assess skin integrity and patient condition and report to nurse

CNA Services are fully covered by the Medicare Home Health benefit as long as there is also a need for SKILLED NURSING or REHABILITATIVE THERAPY.

Personal Care Aides may provide additional persona services such as respite care while the primary caregiver leaves the home to shop, see a movie or go for a long walk – respite care can be provided for 2-8 hours (in general) 

A Personal Care aide may provide additional homemaking and take care of grooming, dressing, preparing a small meal.  If the Personal Care Aide is a CNA, he or she may also provide all of the cares listed under Certified Nursing Assistant (CAN) 

Personal Care Aides are not a Skilled Service and is not covered by Medicare, however, these service are provided at a very reasonable rate.

Palliative Care services are not part of the Home Health benefit but can be provided by the Home Health staff.  

Palliative Care is ‘Comfort Care’ provided as your loved one is declining in health but doesn’t have a need for regular skilled care from a nurse or therapist.

During a period of Palliative Care, a nurse will visit to assess the patient’s condition and report to the physician.  A Social Worker can also provide services in the home as needed.  

Palliative Care is covered by Medicare under Part B and is subject to the usual co-pays.

Hospice provides comfort care during the last six months of life  — This is a time to allow help to come in so that the family can focus on enjoying those last months to their fullest.

  • Skilled Nursing visits 1-2 times per week or more, as needed
  • Certified Nursing Assistant visits 3-7 times per week as needed
  • Social Work visits 1-4 times per month, as needed  
  • Spiritual Support visits 1-4 times per month, as needed
  • Physician consultation, as needed

Medications, DME (Hospital bed, bedside commode, shower chair, etc.),  and incontinence supplies are all provided under the Medicare benefit. 

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